The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. is your source for information on registering to vote, voting, what is on your ballot, and information candidates have provided about their positions on issues.


Latest News Highlights!

JUne Unit / Discussion Meetings are “Do YOur Own Thing”

Click here to find the meeting nearest to you

Did you know that members and guests of LWVFA meet in twelve discussion groups most months from September through June?  Click here to find one near you. 

Volunteer for Voter Registration Training and Get Out the Vote

Volunteer for Celebrate Fairfax! on June 8th and 9th

Join us to register voter and for voter outreach about the upcoming primary election.

Facts for Voters is available in English and Spanish!

Download the 2019 Facts for Voters! in English.

Download the 2019 Facts for Voters in Spanish.

FCPS Resolution on the High School Voter Registration Challenge

The FCPS School Board passed our FCPS High School Voter Registration Resolution unanimously. Read the resolution. All the schools that register 50 percent of their senior class will be honored at the School Board meeting on Thursday, May 23rd at 7 p.m. at Luther Jackson Middle School.

2019 Spring High School Voter Registration Drives

We hosting several drives this spring. Please click on the link to volunteer below:

Quander Road, May 13th

To see a list of all the high schools, click here. Notice the tab across the top.

For high school venues, contact: Beth Tudan, our Executive Director, at or Nancy Roodberg, at For more about the High School Voter Registration Challenge, click here.

New League Publication: Restoration of Voting Rights: A guide for Citizens with Prior Felonies

Elections Matter: New LWVFA 2019-20 Officers and Board

Congratulations to our new officers who will begin to serve two-year terms beginning July 1, 2019. They were elected at the 2019 Annual Meeting.


               Co-President                                                                                 Nancy Roodberg

               Secretary                                                                                        Lois Page


               At-Large                                                                                         Jessica Storrs

               Public Relations                                                                          Katharina Gollner-Sweet

               Voter Service Coordinator*                                                   Cindy Kalkwarf

               Voter Service – Voter Registration Coordinator*           Bob Meredith

               Volunteer Outreach                                                                   Judy Helein

               Membership                                                                                 Carol Bursik

 *Serves on the LWVFA General Fund Board without portfolio


Fairfax County, VA: February 24, 2019 Good news! The Virginia General Assembly voted for a Redistricting Commission.

We want to thank the General Assembly, our partner OneVirginia 2021, and our local and state League members. The League has been working on redistricting reform for decades, and this new legislation will end partisan gerrymandering in our state This year alone, our League has sent e-alerts, attended Lobby Days and rallies in Richmond, met with our legislators, held redistricting forums and gerrymandering movie viewings, and dropped off leaflets. Redistricting is our #1 priority, and we celebrate this critical reform. Read more.

2019 Facts for Voters

The 2019 Facts for Voters is here! Download yours now and share it with others as well. Facts for Voters, A Directory of Public Officials and Government Offices is a compact reference guide which lists elected and appointed government officials, agencies and services along with contact information. It's your one stop shop to learning about who's who of your government representatives.

Students Seeking Service Hours?

Please write Beth Tudan at or Nancy Roodberg at

What We Do

Action & Advocacy

We take action on an issue or advocate for a cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause.

Voter Education

We make voting easier by preparing and distributing useful publications. Publications are made available to the public in our libraries, community centers and many other sites. Check out VOTE411 our easy to use online 1-stop shop voters' guide.


We organize Candidate Forums prior to elections to give voters opportunities to learn more about the candidates. We also organize issue forums to dive into complex issues like redistricting and voting rights for fact-based discussions and be better informed citizens in our democracy.