Election Reform

Advocating for legislative solutions that will improve the fairness, accessibility, and security of elections in the state


Below you will find all the tools you need to become an Election Reform advocate! Learn about the state laws governing elections, the people who make them and carry them out, where to go for election-related information, and current advocacy topics.

The Virginia State Capitol, in Richmond.

The Virginia State Capitol, in Richmond.

State Law 101

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Tha Main Entrance to the Fairfax County Government Center, in Fairfax.

Tha Main Entrance to the Fairfax County Government Center, in Fairfax.

Who's in Charge

At the State level

Laws are passed in Virginia by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor

The Privileges and Elections Committee in the Senate and House of Delegates is the starting point for all Election bills. 

State election law is overseen by the Commissioner  and the 3-member State Board of Elections

in fairfax county

The Electoral Board supervises the execution of laws by the General Registrar.

The League sends Observers to Board meetings. Interested in going? Let us Know!

Other Important Links and Information


Hot Topics in Election Reform

The General Assembly's Special Joint Subcommittees on Elections:   House  Senate

The League's Support for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact


2019 Legislative Priorities:

  • No-Excuse Absentee Voting
  • Voting Rights Restoration Amendment.

These two reforms will maximize the number of people in the state who can vote, provide voters with flexibility in casting their ballot, and ease congestion on election day.

  • Joint Subcommittee work: Ensure the Special Joint Subcommittee takes concrete steps to ensure the 2018 elections do not experience the problems seen in 2017, and provide long-term, bipartisan solutions to be enacted in 2019 so we never see those problems again. 
  • Election Security: Working with the Board of Elections to ensure each voter is properly assigned and knows their polling place, educating voters on their rights during Election Day, reminding voters to check their registration often, and helping voters understand what they can do to make sure their ballot is cast and counted accurately.