Inspiration from the 2018 LWVUS Convention about Youth Voter Registration and Outreach

We are inspired about what other Leagues are doing across the United States. Here are a few examples:


LWV Milwaukee: Your Vote - Your Voice

LWV Milwaukee... wow!  We were so impressed with what the Milwaukee League is doing with their high school voter registration project. 

They have voter registration stands in the college counselors’ offices in the Milwaukee schools where students register to vote online. They also have the traditional voter registration classroom visits and drives and voter education.

Check it out:   LWV Milwaukee has put their entire registration toolkit available online via Google docs

A stand put in every Milwaukee High School Counselors' office about high school voter registration

A stand put in every Milwaukee High School Counselors' office about high school voter registration

LWV Milwaukee materials

LWV Milwaukee “Your Vote - Your Voice” Project

LWV Youth Vote of Anchorage, Alaska

We were wowed by the student presenters of LWV Anchorage, Three students presented the YouthVote program at the LWVUS Convention in Chicago in 2018.

Working with the Anchorage Public Schools, they have developed a civics education program. Their work includes voter registration, a Mock Election across APS, and youth advocacy. They also hold Candidate Forums and other issue forums as well. They gather monthly to discuss issues and to plan.

Alaska doesn’t have elections every year like we do in Virginia, but when they hold a Candidate Forum within APS during the school day. They bus students from across town to the Forum. They also live stream it to all the schools for district-wide access. Students work on planning and carrying out the Candidate Forum.

The Youth Voter project had a designer to create a logo for their program -- it incorporates a lot of Native American imagery of Alaska. They have used it for creating buttons, t-shirts and the like.

Check out the Youth Vote project of  Anchorage, Alaska Facebook page for more.

Review a few of the slides here from their presentation here:


The LWV Greenwich League is running a pilot through the end of 2019. Harvard professor, David Moss has developed case studies to use with high school students. The League is working with cases on Madison, Secession, Martin Luther King, Jr. /Voting Rights and the ERA.


Update on Teacher Training Options
Since the main bottleneck last year was meeting the high demand for teacher training, the Case Method Project has worked to increase the options for teacher training around the country. They are as follows:

1. In-Person Training in Cambridge in September 2019: This program provides training and accommodations for high school teachers at no cost, although travel to and from Cambridge is not covered. While this is an incredible opportunity for teachers, the travel cost has proven to be an impediment, especially for those outside the Northeast.

2. Large On-Site Training WorkshopsSome Leagues have suggested banding together and finding a mutually convenient location to train 100 teachers in their community. If this is a possibility for you, Professor Moss and his team would work hard to try to bring the training to your community.

3. New Online Training Module (non-interactive): For small groups or even individual teachers, there is a pilot roll-out of an online training module. The addition of this option means that any interested high school teacher can receive the training necessary to bring this program to their schools and communities.

Finally, we have some exiting news in the works about a larger collaboration between the League and the Harvard Case Method Project in 2019.

We suggest that local Leagues start by reaching out to your local high schools, with a focus on Social Studies Curriculum Directors and teachers, as well as teachers who moderate “We the People” or “Model UN” groups. Once teachers are trained in the case method, they can partner with your local League to lead community case discussions. Our experience in Greenwich has shown that there is great interest in these programs, which bring together high schools students and League members, while also strengthening the collaboration between Leagues and high schools on other initiatives, like debates, youth advocacy committees, and voter registration.

Please also watch the Harvard Professor, David Moss, discuss the case method program for high school civics during a talk at Politics and Prose in Washington, D.C.

LWVUS High School Voter Education Project

Local Leagues across the US run voter registration and education projects. LWVUS offers sample lesson plans, curriculum, and many ideas. They have released a newly updated Voter Registration Manual, which you can find here.

You can find more here:

LWV US Florida VR 11.jpg

LWV Texas Scavenger Hunt: Review of the Texas Secretary of State Website

Check out this exercise for learning about voting on the LWV Texas website.

LWV Texas Scavenger Hunt.png


Voter Girl.png

In the VOTER Girl Project, local Leagues collaborate with their local Girl Scout councils. The one-day class is available for all scout levels from Daisies to Ambassadors with a curriculum appropriate for each level. (Ambassadors have work outside the class to complete the badge requirements.)

League members use their knowledge of voting and advocacy to help scouts earn citizenship badges that promote the ideals Leagues cherish.

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