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Take Action! Visit Your Elected Officials

The League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area (LWVFA) recommitted itself to action and advocacy by creating a new Action Committee this Spring.  As a result, we are looking for our members willing to visit with their elected officials. Our key advocacy priorities are:

  • Redistricting reform,
  • Voting and elections,
  • Behavioral health
  • Gun violence prevention

Please sign up for a visit with your elected official (you can verify your officials on -- we will coordinate the teams.  If you already have a team, that works as well.  Ideally, visits will be made in groups of two to three individuals. At least one person should be a constituent, but others may accompany them. 

After signing up to visit your elected official, the Action co-chairs, Wendy Fox-Grage and Deb Wake, will contact you with further guidance. 

We will provide you with discussion points and material to leave behind, including our new brochure:  Educate, Advocate, Impact.  Our September 2018 program delves further into our priorities. 

These are friendly meetings to inform elected officials what topics/issues are important to the League and to find out what topics/issues are important to our law makers. 

Please sign up here

Questions?  Please contact Wendy Fox-Grage or Deb Wake If you are not a constituent but would like to contact an official, please let us know that, too, and we we work with you. 

To find your legislator, go to, the League's one stop shop for voter information! 



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