What Offices are We Voting for This Year?

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The Virginia General Assembly is the State Legislature


State Senate - upper chamber (40 seats)

House of Delegates - lower chamber (100 seats)


Who can run?

•       U.S. citizen

•       At least 21 years old

•       Living in Virginia for 1 year

•       Registered voter for 5 years

•       Live in the district they represent


What do they do?

•       Work alongside the governor to create laws, make policy, set taxes, and decide how tax money is spent

•       Support or override the Governor's vetoes


For how long?

•       Delegates, 2 years, no term limits

•       Senators, 4 years, no term limits

•       Elections in odd-numbered years (see Virginia votes every year column)

•       Part time, paid


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The Dillon Rule

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Local and Constitutional Offices

Who can run?

•       U.S. citizen

•       At least 18 years old

•       Living in Virginia for 1 year

•       District representatives must live and be registered to vote in the districts they represent

•       Chair, board of supervisors and at-large school board members may live anywhere in the County

•       Commonwealth's attorney must be a lawyer licensed to practice in the state of Virginia and may live in the City or County

 County Offices

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors -

Governing body for Fairfax County


What do they do?

•       Make county government policy

•       Pass resolutions and laws (as allowed by the Virginia General Assembly)

•       Set local tax rates

•       Decide how tax money is spent

•       Decide what can be built and where

•       Appoint the heads of community services such as, family services, parks and other agencies


For how long?

•       4 years, no term limits

•       Part time, paid

Fairfax County School Board

The board has 12 members and a student representative. Each district has 1 member and there are 3 at-large members that represent the whole county.

What do they do?

•       Set general school policy

•       Set guidelines for what students study

•       Hire Superintendent

•       Advise on what neighborhoods go to which schools

•       Decide student discipline issues


For how long?

•       4 years, no term limits

•       Part time, paid


Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District Directors

What do they do?

•       Encourage activities to protect and conserve soil, water, air, plants, and animal resources

•       Educate public about conservation, preventing pollution, reducing runoff, and protecting streams and rivers


For how long?

•       3 directors elected during general election every 4 years, no term limits (2 additional directors are appointed by the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board)

•       Part time, not paid


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