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Check your voter registration status, update your address, or register to vote.  Direct the current students you know to the high school challenge page


Voting and Education

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Now that I'm registered, where can I learn more about the candidates and issues?

The League of Women Voters of Fairfax publishes Voters' Guides and also publishes What's on the Ballot?

We also hold Candidate Forums that are open to the public.  They are a wonderful place for high school students to volunteer as well. 


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Where Do I vote? 

Good question!

If you're voting on Election Day, the polls are open from 6 am until 7 pm.  But you can ONLY vote in your own precinct.  If you happen to be at a basketball game at one high school and you spot a precinct open, you can only vote there if that is YOUR precinct.  If you are a student who votes in Williamsburg while at college, can you vote at home in Fairfax County?  NO! If you have not changed your voter registration to update your new address, you cannot.  You can only vote in person in the precinct where you are registered.  So, go check on one of the high school links to the left OR go to Vote411.org to check where you are registered. 

Q: Can I vote early in Virginia?  

A: Well, we don't have early voting per se.  Currently, one has to have an excuse to vote in Virginia. If you meet one of the criteria, then you can vote.  If not, then you will have to vote in person on election day.

Q:  OK, well, I found that I meet one of the excuses, so how do I vote? 

A:  You can vote in person absentee (yeah, it's a mouthful) OR you can vote by mail. 

Q:  Voting by mail sounds easy.  What's the catch?

A:  Well, there's no intentional "catch," but there are things that trip up voters when casting an absentee ballot by mail. 

Q: What trips voters up? 

A: Make sure you fill it out completely.  You don't have to vote in every race, but you do have to vote in at least one. (If you don't, then what's the point?).  

You also have to do the following:

SEAL the envelope.  It's rejected if it's not sealed.

Place a stamp on the envelope. 

SIGN the envelope.

Put only ONE ballot in the envelope.  If you and a friend decide to put them both in together and mail them back, it's a no go.  It's nice to save on stamps, but just buy another and use it.

You also HAVE to mail it early. It has to be received by Election Day at 7 pm.  Some states have different laws, so you might hear that they have to be postmarked by Election Day. Yeah, well, not in Virginia.