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Fairfax and Other League Positions, including LWVNCA, LWV-VA and LWVUS

The LWV of the Fairfax Area can lobby, advocate and take action based upon League positions. All League positions are reached after studying the issue and coming to consensus or concurrence. (Learn more about Advocacy) Following are the LWVFA positions which are published in a booklet called HERE WE STAND and positions from other levels of League (state, regional and national) . 

  • Another LWVFA publication that combines LWVFA full text positions with other League positions, is:  LWVFA Here We Stand-COMPLETE, with other League positions, Revised June 2018.  (This booklet contains the positions of  the LWV of The National Capital Area (LWVNCA - May 2016), and Positions-in-Brief (PiB) for LWVFA (2018), LWV of Virginia (LWV-VA -June, 2017,) and LWV of the United States (LWVUS, 2016-2018).  Direct links to those Leagues’ websites are below.)

Links to other Leagues’ positions:

The positions of the League of Women Voters of the National Capital Area (LWVNCA), 2016: ): Positions of the LWVNCA

The positions of the League of Women Voters of the Virginia (LWV-VA), POSITIONED FOR ACTION, 2017: Positioned for Action

The latest positions of the League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS), IMPACT ON ISSUES 2016-2018: LWVUS Positions: IMPACT ON ISSUES

LWVUS Positions in Brief: Summary of Public Policy Positions