Metro Funding:  Metro, Fund it, fix it

Our March 2018 Fairfax VOTER focuses on Metro Reforms

"FIFI” Is Not a French Poodle—It’s a Solution to Metro’s Problems and We Are Part of It.

You may have heard lately that Metro is in trouble.   The League of Women Voters of the National Capital Area (LWVNCA), of which LWVFA is a member, is working to be a part of the solution.  LWVNCA has joined a coalition of 22 organizations—called “FIFI”— which is an acronym for “Fund It/Fix It,” and its sole purpose is to “get Metro back on track” (pun intended).  Read this comprehensive article; learn when and why the League became an early and continuing supporter of Metro and discuss how we can be part of the solution which affects all of us, including Fairfax County and City, as well as the rest of the metropolitan D. C. area.

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What do you know about hydraulic fracturing ("fracking" for short) and where it is taking place in Virginia? A small but mighty LWV of Virginia (LWV-VA) Fracking Study Committee has thoroughly researched this much debated, political and environmental issue and has produced a voluminous report called "Fracking in Virginia," the first part of which is presented in the January 2017 Fairfax VOTER. Part II follows in the February Fairfax VOTER Newsletter and contains the Consensus Questions for the LWV-VA "Fracking in Virginia" Study.



Additional materials for the January 2017 Fairfax VOTER-in color; Discussion Questions printed in January VOTER); Appendices (from the Study Report); References for the entire report (from the Study Report); Fracking Study Glossary used in the Report.

Direct Link to the 11MB PDF file of the entire 20-plus page "Fracking In Virginia Study" Report is available HERE. To view background papers and other resources, including the latest updates on legislation in the General Assembly and DMME regulations that were adopted, go to the LWV-VA Natural Resources website,