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Organizing Voter Registration drives at your high school

Is your school participating in the 2018 FCPS High School Voter Registration Challenge? High schools across FCPS have the opportunity to compete to register the highest percentage of their student voting-age population during the School Year.  Schools that reach or exceed 50 percent will receive a plaque to hang in a prominent place. The challenge will conclude by May 15th of the school year.

In addition, students who will be 18 by the November election can register to vote now. If they register before the May deadline, they will be able to vote in the June primaries -- even if they are not yet 18. Students are eligible if they are United States citizens and Virginia residents.  Students who have a Virginia driver's license or ID can also register to vote online by using the Virginia Department of Elections citizens' portal.

Do you know that almost 10% of paper registration ballots get rejected? It's easy to skip a box. Students are also not used to filling out government forms and think that writing in pink or green pen or even in pencil (it works for the SAT!) will suffice. Blue or black ink works best. Students also forget to turn in the forms.

Do you know that the League of Women Voters of Fairfax can help register your students? Whether within Fairfax County Public Schools or at private high schools, we are available to assist your school in registering eligible students. We are happy to come into the school to register students + whether coming into the lunchroom, during homeroom, before or after school, at a sports' events, a senior day -- whatever is convenient for you.