It’s All About the People:

 Communications, Diversity and Reaching Members through Technology

2019 LWV-VA Convention

Presenter: Beth Tudan,

There are a variety of effective ways to reach out to members and the public using technology.

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·         Constant Contact – decide how often you want to send your message and when so that people know when to expect it.  We send ours out weekly on Saturdays and occasionally add one mid-week

·         Google calendar:

·         G Suite:  free for 501(c)3s   We use it for our email, Google Drive, etc.  Good customer service – call them!


How do your members join?  Via paper? Online?


If join on paper, do they have a paper survey to fill out?

If you can join online, then you can add a survey that appears at the end of the payment.

How will you welcome new members?  Do you have New Member Orientations?  Ambassadors?


How do you find out your members’ interests? One way is Use Survey Monkey or Google Form (via G Suite) or Constant Contact

Membership Surveys:

What do you want to find out about your members? Interests? Skills? Background? .  LWVFA has a survey (via Survey Monkey) that pops up after everyone joins online when joining online via PayPal.

We then download the answers into the Excel spreadsheet and send them to a committee chair. We have a new volunteer coordinator who has been running New Member Orientations as well.


·         For what reasons do you need volunteers?

·         Voter registration

·         Candidate forums

·         People from outside your League, such as high school volunteers seeking community service hours?

·         SignUpGenius “tabs” for grouping like events – for paid accounts -- $99  per year






Our website is

·         LEW (League Easy Web):

·         SquareSpace or WordPress

·         Make your website interesting!  Add photos, You Tube, links , add a blog, articles.

·         Add your calendar, events, newsletters

·         Link to the other websites, such as LWV-VA, LWVUS, news articles

Cloud Storage and Sharing:

How do you share documents?  Do you share documents and images in the Cloud to allow the team to communicate? That way if anyone’s computer crashes, we still have the documents. If we can’t reach someone, we still have the documents. It lends security. We use all three of these:

·         Dropbox

·         Google Drive

·         GSuite for Google Groups

Outreach to the Community

n  Social Media

Ads for Voter Registration

Ads for VOTE411

n  Create events on Facebook, Eventbrite

Rose Rogers

Social Media

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Instagram

LWV-VA Logos and all local Leagues


LWVUS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy



LWV-VA website:

Excellent resource for all things communication! Here are a few samples of what’s available on


General: Useful Videos, Writing for the Web, & More

·         Useful Videos: These videos can be useful for League meetings and public events or used with social media.

·         LWVUS Writing Style Guide

·         Visibility some resources on the importance of Visibility

·         Writing for the Web

·         Online Organizing Toolkit


·         Keeping a common look on LWV websites is important. The LWV US provides some very useful resources for the correct use of logos, and colors as well as some other very good information.

·         How to Use the Name and Logo Online

·         How to Use the Name and Logo on Print Materials

·         Color Variations for Print Materials

·         League Logos: Available Downloads

Social Media

·         Social Media Management

·         There are a lot of different social media management tools available for many different purposes:

·         Hootsuite – lets you monitor and work on multiple social media networks from one location. It is subject to changes over time for some things, but the basics are there. Useful if you have multiple FB pages and groups to monitor.

·         Bitly – turn long URLs into something more manageable by using Bitly. If you sign up for the free account, any shortened links you store will let you know how many times that link has been opened.

·         LWVUS Social Media Tool Kit – LWVUS

·         Twitter Guide for State and Local Leagues

·         Twitter Cheat Sheet (2014)

·         Convention PowerPoint: Facebook and Twitter Tips

·         LWVUS Writing Style Guide

·         Online Communications Resources

·         Co-hosting FaceBook Events

Submission Guidelines for Virginia Voter, Voter Express, and the LWV-VA Blog:

·         Articles should be in final form and proofed when submitted.

·         Use Times New Roman or Arial for the font and use 14 pt type for headings and 11 pt type for text.

·         Include any graphics you want in the document where you believe they would fit best.

    • Each graphic image should be considered the equivalent to 65 words

·         Please see sample page layout for details of how these measurements apply.

·         If a photo, then the date/place/event name/people names should be provided.

·         Length for general articles for both VE and VV is 250 words without image or 125 words with image (1/2 page).


Please be sure that the copy you send (via email) is as near ready to publish as possible and send it to with “Submission” in the subject line.”

Jeremy Mitchell

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