For general voter information, please see here.

Voting and registering to vote can present college students with questions that don't ordinarily come up. Here are some useful information about registering to vote and voting for college students: College Student Voting Guidelines for Registration, Voting, and Absentee Ballots.

Download the 2019 Voting Guidelines for Virginia College Students

Does it matter what address I use when registering?

YES!! A voter's street address is important because it tells the Election Office which elections you can vote in. Every office in government, except for President, is based on where the voter lives. Only people who live in a particular Virginia locality can vote for their representative in Congress, a city's mayor or county's supervisor, State Senate and Delegates, and so on through all the offices on the ballot. So, decide where you would like to vote based on convenience and which locality you prefer to have a voice in. Remember: You can only be registered at 1 address at a time. You can change the address you are registered at if you decide you would like to change where you can vote later on and/or when you move. If you decide to register your parents' address, but cannot come home from college to vote, you can vote Mail-In Absentee.

I have signed a lease, but will not have moved in by Election Day. May I vote at my new address?

No. You must use the address that you are registered to vote at on Election Day.

Where can I register to vote in Virginia?

There are 5 Ways to register to vote in Virginia:

Where can I get a copy of this information?

Click here to download College Student Q&A about Registering to Vote in Virginia.

After I'm registered, where can I get a copy of an absentee ballot?

Find out more about absentee ballots here.

What do I need in college?

Stamps! (if you want to be able to mail in Absentee ballots)

You will need a stamp in order to mail back your absentee ballot.  Never seen one? You can learn more about them here.

Happy Voting!