Fairfax County District Budget Meetings

All of our Board of Supervisors are holding Town Hall Meetings about the budget in their districts. We hope to have at least one League member at each of these meetings. Please show up with a League pin, shirt, bag, and/or clipboard to show that the League is listening and participating in our community! Also, please let our action co-chair know that you are going; email her at action@lwv-fairfax.org.

Talking points:

·        Thank you for fully funding the schools and giving pay increases to our teachers and county employees.

·        We support the added and much needed funding for behavioral health such as Diversion First and initiatives to address the opioid epidemic.

·        We urge our county to make funding decisions in accordance with OneFairfax that promotes diversity and inclusion in our community.

·        Thank you for providing funding to carry out the many elections that we have had this year. Our county is fortunate to have the resources and expertise that are needed to hold these elections well each year.

·        Questions: How can our county more adequately fund affordable housing and efficient transportation? How can our county fund a cleaner, sustainable environment that addresses concerns such as storm water runoff?

For the dates and locations, visit https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/budget/fy-2020-budget-town-hall-meetings