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LWVUS Convention Reports

2016 LWVUS Convention Reports and Speeches

LWVFA Co-President Peggy Knight details the LWVUS Convention in her 2016 Convention Report.

LWVUS's new President is Chris Carson of California. Read her remarks here.

LWV of Falls Church Delegates' Martha Cooper & Linda Garvelink wrote a Diary For LWV 52nd National Convention June 16-19, 2016: Making Democracy Work for ALL including details about many fascinating speakers.

To read a Summary of the LWVUS Convention Speakers in the Virginia Express Issue No 11 July 3, 2016, click here.

New Membership Rules Changes Prompt Change to LWVFA ByLaws

In July, the LWVFA Board adopted the new membership changes that the LWVUS Convention adopted at their biennial convention. The changes are reflected in the 2016 LWVFA (General Fund) Bylaws.

Messaging about League Impact

Celinda Lake, President of Lake Research Partners, a respected polling firm in the country, known for research on a wide variety of issues important to the League spoke. Celinda is one of the nation's foremost candidates on electing women candidates and on framing issues for women voters.

Read LWVFC's Martha Cooper and Linda Garvelink's description here.

Watch the video -- be prepared to laugh and learn!

Money in Politics

Peter Overby, Correspondent for National Public Radio spoke about "Money in Politics"

The Supreme Court, in the Citizens United decision, said they did not see that corruption and influence would come with Independent Expenditures. Some opponents to the decision say all donation caps should be lifted but disclosure should be instantaneous. Justice Kennedy, who wrote the assent, said that corporations should disclose political expenditures so investors could determine the value of the company's contributions to candidates to their investment in the company. Later when asked "What system of effective disclosures?" was he referencing (in a speech a few years after the decision), Justice Kennedy acknowledged that disclosure is not working as he/the Court expected.

Read LWVFC's Martha Cooper and Linda Garvelink's description here.

LWV Talking Points on the First Woman Nominee for the President of a Major Political Party

At the 52nd Annual Convention, delegates held a lively discussion about the League commenting on the historic nature for a major political party.

To read the LWV Talking Points on the First Woman Nominee for the President of a Major Political Party, click here.

Ari Berman on Voting in the US and Voter ID

Keynote Speaker Ari Berman on his new book, "Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in the United States."

Jennifer Lawless: Engaging Millennials in our Elections

Engaging Millennials in our Elections - Jennifer Lawless, Director, Women & Politics Institute, American University

"Women on the Run" by Jennifer Lawless, PhD

Jennifer ran for office in 2006 + her opponent couldn't say no to LWV when it came to a debate; she said that she lost, but she is forever thankful to LWV for giving her the chance.

Jennifer analyzes the attitudes of young people on politics when all they know is gridlock and partisanship.

Young people today are growing up with cynicism about political dysfunction. They don't even consider running for office because they think that politics is not a noble profession. In fact, very few discuss news and politics with their families. Out of top 20 careers, serving as mayor, member of congress, or other elected official came in as #17, 18, and 19 + only in front of electricians.

The good news, though, is that many volunteer and are engaged in their community. Thus, they are involved in civic engagement, but not politics -- not yet.

Listen to get some more ideas about civic and political engagement.

Amanda Taub, "Understanding American Authoritarianism

"Understanding American Authoritarianism" + Amanda Taub, NY Times reporter

Those who support an authoritarian leader:

  • Are concerned about social change -- Want to maintain the status quo
  • Want to have a strong male leader who targets "outgroups," i.e., the "other"
  • Distrust outsiders and social change.
  • Scared of Political change -- have an African American president. Could have a female president
  • Country is becoming less white, more urban. Affects their communities. The expectations that people have for their own lives show that their lives have not turned out the way they expected. Their children's opportunities are not what they would like.
  • Ideas + stem from a loss of control of their lives.
  • Concerned about maintaining the status quo
  • Seek out the status quo + seek out a strong man leader who seek out / target "out groups" or the "other"

Authoritarian Parenting preferences of the Trump supporters. Want their children to be the following:
  • Respect for elders
  • Obedience
  • Good manners
  • Well Behaved

Parenting styles that are non-authoritarian encourage:
  • Independence
  • Self-reliance
  • Curiosity

What is a threat to you personally?
  • ISIS
  • Iran's government
  • Terrorist government

Policy preferences:
  • Use military force over diplomacy
  • Airport checks + racial profiling of people who look like they are of Middle Eastern descent
  • Require all citizens to carry a national ID card to show police on request
  • Change the US Constitution to bar citizenship for children of illegal immigrants

Ideas + stem from a loss of control of their lives.

Can what's happening in this year's election happen in upcoming elections? Is this going to be a long term trend?